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PsicoTSI Project

This application uses information from the online game service This use has been approved by the developers and copyright owners of, Extralives AB




Get Firefox! PsicoTSI Tool is a FireFox 3.0.* Extension.
Click here to install PsicoTSI Tool.
PsicoTSI Tool is freeware.
A big effort is needed to develop this tool.
If you want to support this project, you can do it by making a donation using PayPal.

NOTE: PsicoTSI Terminus Edition is distributed as is. Install and use it under your own responsibility. Nowadays, it runs only under Firefox 3.0.*.


Versions History

· versió PsicoTSI Terminus Edition 1.0.16 (16/12/2008)

New layout update, thx to smates and Lizardopoli

· version PsicoTSI Terminus Edition 1.0.14 (23/09/2008)

Update for (.aspx) pages

· version PsicoTSI Terminus Edition 1.0.06 (24/10/2006)

New layout update.

· version PsicoTSI Terminus Edition 1.0.02 (06/02/2006)

Wage estimation with new data, activated for every language.

· version PsicoTSI Terminus Edition 1.0.01 (11/01/2006)

New design, integrated in the player details page.
Compatibility with Firefox 1.5

· version 0.2.06 (16/09/2005)

Compatibility with Firefox 1.5.1b
Changing from "dialog box " to "window.openDialog()"

· version 0.2.05 (15/09/2005)

Changing from "alert box" to "dialog box"

Translation to:
Norwegian, by LA-Torinho
Portuguese, by FredC
Turkish, by SayKOmeN
Portuguese, Brasil, by leonn
Estonian, by Okklab
Serbian, by Nelle89

· version 0.2.04 (13/09/2005)

Translation to:
Swedish, by andeas9
German, by Sujito
Italian, by BlackMamba-HI
French, by goomy
Dannish, by LA-Felkin
Finnish, by drunkenmanager
Dutch, by The_Strategist, CableGuy y KicKe
Polish, by Grubby
Rumanian, by andreil
Hungarian, by Vagy_
Czech, by gucan
Croatian, by Chelioz
Latvian, by Pirats
Slovenija, by Stan
Lituanian, by Marius_HT
Vlaams, by KicKe
Catalan, by SrPotato
Galician, by fandixil

Bug corrected: "TypeError: doc has no properties"

· version 0.2.03 (12/09/2005)

PsicoTSI Tool is translated to "Español" and "Español, Argentina", and the code is prepared for other languages. PsicoTSI Tool warns about the prediction error on injured players and old players (over 27 years old).

· version 0.2.02 (11/09/2005)

The estimations for "low" form (+0.01)and "high" form (+0.99) are modified.

· version 0.2.01 (10/09/2005)

A Neural Network for each skill is used, with 6227 playmakers, 1642 wingers, 14051 scorers, 260 passing, y 7028 defenders. In addition, there's an estimation for "low" form (+0.1), "average" form (+0.5) and "high" form (+0.9). The estimations are improved, although the error for "rare" players with secondaries above excellent is still high. From now on, the updates will be automatic (thanks to the operators of the University of Valencia web servers).

· version 0.1 (07/09/2005)

With a DataBase containing only 2000 players, the first version of PsicoTSI Tool is deployed. The estimations of sublevels of the main skill are poor, but anyway, the psicotsi.xpi was downloaded more than 1800 times in one day.